Print out this form and mail or fax (972) 423-5198 to Korel Designs Online.
Or Call us at 1-800-400-9220 Mon.-Fri. 9am - 6pm Central Time.

(This is not an Online Order Form)

Please send me ______ CDs at $19.95 each


If you live in Texas, add 8.25% sales tax (that's $1.65 per CD)


1. Domestic Postage and Shipping; U.S. Only.
Domestic Postage will be shipped "U.S.P.S. Priority Mail" 
(Two Day Delivery).

2. International Postage and Shipping; 
Make sure your country is listed below:

International orders will be shipped "Small Packet-Airmail". 
(most countries are 4 to 7 Days Delivery, some could take longer).

Same price for either;
$5.95 per CD

Total: All prices are US Dollars


Check one:   Check Enclosed [    ]  -  Visa [   ]  -  Master Card [   ]    

No Discover or Amex.

Card Number __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ __

 ______ - ______
This is required for Credit Card orders.  If your Card has  the entire date on the card, Enter only MM-YY.




Daytime Telephone____________________Evening Telephone________________________


Credit Card Signature_________________________________________________________

*If paying with a credit card, use only the address that's printed on your credit card statement.
Also, if we can not read your handwriting, we can not ship to you.

Print this order form and mail or fax to:
Korel Home Designs
520 Central Parkway East, Suite 304
Plano, Texas 75074 USA

Fax (972) 423-5198
For Faster Service, call (800) 400-9220

or (972) 423-4500 outside the U.S.
9AM - 6PM CST, Monday through Friday

Minimum Computer Requirements:
Multimedia PC (386DX or higher, 486 recommended) 8 MB RAM,
12MB free hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, Windows® 3.1 or Windows® 95 or 98.
Sorry, no Apple-Macintosh version is available.

Not sold in any stores. 

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